Grizzlies Chew Up Spurs

Last night’s game was edge of your seat variety with the Spurs clawing their way back to take a one point lead midway throught the fourth quarter. Zach Randolph and Tony Allen proved too much.

Love Memphis as a city more than its cousin Nashville. Mostly because they integrated their music, at least mixing the sounds of blues and country much more than Nashville.See this at the Stax Museum.

Staxtacular at Stax Museum:

Randolph called himself “blue-collar” and Memphis “blue-collar” in a witty and fun response to an annoying question from the reporter after the game.

The questions asked by the ESPN reporter to Tony Allen and Randolph felt degrading to the woman asking them and to the two black men asked to answer them. She started Allen off with reminding him of not fitting in in Boston after he won the championship with the team in 2008. Then, Randolph gets to hear about how he hasn’t fit in on some other teams. It was smart for them to turn the questions into statements about how much they love being in Memphis. But what also came across to me was, woman reporter don’t ask the players questions about their play/performance and ask them about how come they didn’t get along in their previous cities.


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