Theater Day and Evening

Hit three theatrical events yesterday.

Signature Theater/Target day had musical performances from upcoming shows: The Hollow, The Boy Detective Fails, Hairspray, Xanadu

Went upstairs and watched a master class in dance. She broke down simple moves from Hairspray so the students could try to keep up. Later she told us that there would be double and triple the moves that we saw in the production number.

After watching roller skaters doing dance moves in the parking lot in the 100 degree heat, we had enough.

Went to Fringe Festival and saw Alice, a play that humanizes the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt. Sometimes it felt a little more like a history lesson than a drama but…

Later that evening went to see the fifth of six versions of the Match Game at Studio Theater. Great fun with the celebrities of Washington trying to outraunch each other.  Michael O’Sullivan, Tim Tate, The Sweater Sisters, Mark Lewis, David Catana, and Rick Klein did really well. Almost reminded me fondly of the old game show from the 1970s with its double entendres, puns, titillation. Good job done by all!!!


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