Organize Protest Against Olympic Boxing

I admit it. I get worked up watching sports. I love sports because supposedly the best person or team wins.

That is generally true. It is not the case for boxing in the Olympics. I wonder how other commentators are calling these fights back home to their viewers. The two announcers for CNBC are beside themselves with rage and disgust over winners that have no business being selected.

Teddy Atlas has raised all kinds of questions regarding the judging and rightfully so. As one blogger noted, The reffing and judging in Olympic boxing has been problematic to say the least for the past few games. This year the trend has only gotten worse. Today we had one particularly egregious instance of abysmal reffing and judging result in a fight’s results being overturned.

A fighter gets knocked down six times and not only isn’t TKO’ed, he wins the fight on points. Apparently, you can score points from punches thrown while lying on the ground????

In today’s joke, a Romanian boxer takes it to his Azerbijan opponent for the last two rounds. However, he scores the same number of points as his opponent despite landing double the number of punches.

The only way to get through to the leadership of the sport is to hurt them where it counts. Stop watching and participating in the Olympic sport.

Boycott boxing!!!


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