Washington DC Historical Studies

Another fine year for the DC Historical Studies Conference! The conference included a wide-range of topics and presenters, including students from local high schools, Howard and George Washington Universities, and independent and academic scholars.

This conference is interested in bringing many disciplines together. Historians, archeologists, linguists, sociologists all gave fantastic papers on topics ranging from the city’s school system, and African-American cemeteries, to gay community formation, and a how-to presentation on doing oral history.

The history of the school system and its governance shows how divided the group has been on how to best serve the children of white and black families. The papers hint at some of the reasons behind the current difficulties. A session on discovering the Black community of Georgetown showed how the history can engage youngsters and help them build the skills of researching and analytical thinking. The Mount Zion Cemetery is listed as one of the most endangered in the country.

The DC Public Library discussed a grant they are receiving to build a web application that will enable people to read passages from works of fiction that describe the area where they are currently standing.

The History Network filled the Great Hall of Martin Luther King Jr. DC Public Library. Non-profit organizations, including the Arlington Historical Society and Cultural Tourism DC, offered brochures and suggestions about experiencing the variety of historical sites and activities in the area.


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