DC Is A Dance Place

Velocity DC did it again this year. The DC dance festival is in its fourth year and was stronger than ever.

Washington has a wide range of dance companies performing everything from traditional Flamenco dance to Appalachian foot stomping. Saturday night’s began with high energy dance while the host, Peter DiMuro, offered a Top Ten list for being at the show. The first of several good contemporary dance pieces came from Edgeworks. I’ve seen them several times before and their work is often very moving.

As an international city, we get treated to distinctive performances from other countries. Xuejuan Dance Ensemble gave us a beautiful fan dance that made you believe the fan was a partner. The flamenco, from the Flamenco Aparicio Dance Company, lit the hall up as it closed out the first act. Check them out:


Rasta Thomas’ Bad Boys of Dance opened the second act with highlight reel gymnastics and moves. See below when they were on So You Think You Can Dance.



My partner raved over the contemporary piece called “Y” from Company | E, and our friend could not get enough of the Washington Ballet Studio Company and their sweet, sensitive performance.

DC returned to its international flair with Farafina Kan performing the Sound of Africa, with some amazing drum solos.


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