Washington, DC Basketball History

Surprised that Washington, DC had a professional basketball team in the 1920s?

That Washington team played the first African-American in a professional NBA game?

How did Abe Pollin buy the Baltimore Bullets?

It’s all here in my new book:

Book Cover

Published by Scarecrow Press as part of the new series of sports books edited by John Grasso, THE BULLETS, THE WIZARDS, AND WASHINGTON, DC, BASKETBALL chronicles the stories and traditions of 80 years of Washington, DC’s professional basketball tradition. Renowned players such as Wes Unseld, Elvin Hayes, Chris Webber, and Michael Jordan all played for a Washington, DC area team. Highlights include reaching the finals under Hall of Fame coach and general manager Red Auerbach to back-to-back NBA Finals appearances in the late 1970s.

While capturing the biographies of the teams, the authors illuminate the professional games’ movement from a regional sport played on dance floors to the present day multi-billion dollar business viewed from luxury suites. The book illustrates features that contributed to the success of the game, such as player contracts and salary structure; changes in team personnel including preparation methods and technology enhancements; travel arrangements from buses and rail to public and charter flights; the evolution of rules surrounding the game; and a discussion of basketball fans and what factors affect attendance.

Through meticulous research in newspaper, magazine and archival materials, and interviews with former players, coaches and executives, their findings depict the various owners, players and rivalries. As the authors provide insight into the trades and most significant games in DC pro basketball history, they show how these events relate to trends and movements in the sport. A fascinating look at the history of professional basketball in our nation’s capital, THE BULLETS, THE WIZARDS, AND WASHINGTON, DC, BASKETBALL will appeal to all fans of the sport.


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