NBA’s David Stern in DC

National Basketball Association’s Commissioner David Stern gave a discussion about the last 30 years of professional basketball on Thursday night at the Native American Museum in Washington, DC. Over 100 people showed up at the Smithsonian Associates event to hear him.

Panelists included the Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise, the Post’s Wizards’ beat writer Mike Lee and local and NBA lawyer Phil Hochberg. In addition, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, played a basketball superfan. The panelists asked Stern good questions. The Commissioner appeared very relaxed and in great spirits. He seemed to care a great deal about the game and its individual players. Most interesting, he supported the players in their efforts to announce their political perspectives and take part as citizens in the country.

In the final half hour, a number of fans got up to ask questions. Overwhelmingly, most of the questions were very good. They ranged from asking Stern questions about how size of market influences a team’s chance to win to asking him what rule change he thought made the greatest difference.

My co-author and I got the chance to hand out fliers for our book, The Bullets, The Wizards and Washington, DC Basketball.


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