Galapagos Vacation

Back from spending two weeks in Ecuador.  Spent months looking over all the travel books, Travel Advisor, and blogs and other sites finding out everything I could about the country and the islands. While there are a few islands that no one can visit, there are still 14 that you can see but you need two weeks.

Galapagos Islands

We started with an itinerary that featured a week with most of the time focused on the western islands, Fernandina and Isabela, because they are large and had many animals and birds on them. However, just before we left, our itinerary got changed from these islands to the oldest and northern islands. While there are many animals on these islands we did not think we would see the variety that we had hoped to see.

Travelers can see the Galapagos by traveling by boat or staying on land in hotels and move from site to site. We opted to stay on a ship, making that our home for an entire week, or two tours. We opted to stay on a ship with 30 other passengers. You can stay on a ship with a total of 16 travelers or 100 travelers. We decided that 30 people gave us more of a variety of people to spend time with than the smaller number yet not too many as the larger number of passengers. The larger ships also have less flexibility in approaching certain islands as do smaller vessels.

Next, we had to figure what length of time to cruise on the ship. Choices range from 3 days to 14 days. We decided to put two trips together, which made 8 days and got us to nearly half the islands.

Tourists land at one of two airports. We landed on San Cristobal and needed to wait until the guides organized all of us to get on one of two buses. We reached the harbor and caught this sight.


You know that you are in for some unusual sights and activities. We boarded our boat and got this night sky.

Sunset in Galapagos


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