Gay Big Man, Big Deal in Basketball and Sports

Jason Collins is now the first active male team sports player to announce his sexuality. For members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community this is a big deal because sports has been a pillar in the maintenance of the sanctity of heterosexuality for men in this country. His declaration helps disrupt the image of the American male athlete as the heroic individual who wants and gets the girl.

As importantly, Collins’ declaration offers a big difference to the wish fulfillment fantasy that has long been part of the view of sports. How many boys and girls have looked at the successful athlete and thought, “I want to be them.” Now, a gay boy and teen can own that feeling to a much greater extent. Here is one guy who plays ball and has said that he is like me. The gay male adult can fantasize about having a relationship with a male athlete now.

A quick look at the comments shows how far the country has come and how far it needs to go. The usual suspects and stars like Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade, have announced their support. Also thrilled that former teams, including the Washington Wizards, expressed their congratulations to him, as did current Wizard players such as Bradley Beal and Jan Vesely and Trevor Ariza.

Members of the Fox Sports online readership have not! The first usual argument is that the announcement is not a big deal. Then they malign his playing ability, as if simply being a NBA player for 12 years is an easy task. Next is to attack the announcement as more personal information that they don’t want to know. One wonders if they feel the same about knowing who Tom Brady had a baby with, or whom Derek Jeter is dating.

Finally, there is the crew that impinges on Collins’ manhood and calls being gay a choice or sick. Many of these people are the usual Christians who exhibit their usual tolerance for someone who does not think or act like them, yet they consider their selves good Christians. Here’s one example: People may congratulate and agree with gays coming out, but what really matters is what God says. The Bible says homosexuality is a sin against God, just like stealing, lying, and pride. It doesn’t make someone worse than a liar, but it does make them a sinner. And that sin un-paid for by Christ’s sacrifice will lead to eternal punishment in hell.

what I’m learning is NBA players are exponentially more tolerant than NBA fans… Awesome.


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  1. LineUpForms on

    Dont count Derek Jeter out but. Elite talents like Carlton Fisk, Ted Williams and Rickey Henderson in fact turned it on a little when they turned forty, soon after hunting like they have been on a typical seeming linear decline.

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