Discuss Gays in Sports

While thrilled about Jason Collins’ announcement, I saw a problem arise that bugged me. A large number of people shouted down Miami Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace because of his tweets. The man asked why is Collins attracted to men. He threw in no curses, accused no one of sin, let alone going to hell. Yet, the media, the Dolphins public relations, and others called him ignorant and basically said, Sit down and shut up!

I’m not for a totalitarian system, whether liberal or not. Gay males announcing that they play big-time professional sports is a new phenomenon. We need to create an environment that promotes discussion, no matter how basic. Start with Freud, and his basic-object choice. Explain chemistry flowing inside a body that sees someone who they find attractive. Liken the feeling to his own feeling when he spots a particular type of woman. Explain other similarities.

We have a chance to talk and show who we are. This can only happen when you talk to people.


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  1. Mari on

    You’re not going to get that environment. Free speech is unacceptable because it can be called racist or anti-semetic or homophobic because of low bars set by those outside of the free speech environment. As Americans we aren’t good at agreeing to disagree, shaking hands leaving each other be. Instead we demonize each other, seeking to destroy each other.

    I remember a former neighbor (you can ask me about this later off-line) deciding another person in the neighborhood was racist because she expressed some negative feeling about young black youths, even though the person hung out with old black people who express the same thoughts (often and loudly). Low bar for being labeled a racist, there are low bars for other labels too. So for the sake of self perservation in liberal/conservative areas, it’s just easier to say nothing, not think too deeply about it, and disengage.

    • bla2222 on

      Ah but we need to try. There is no reason why we can not practice it ourselves and then hope others can do the same.

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