Pacers Versus Heat

Who is not loving this battle royale between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat? Got individual match-ups such as Paul George versus LeBron James, and Stephenson versus LeBron James.

Roy Hibbert and David West are playing big man, inside basketball in contrast to the Heat’s drive-penetration-kick out shoot up three ball of Dwayne Wade, Mario Chalmers,

I’m still rooting for the Pacers but Roy Hibbert’s comments at the end of Game Six gave me pause.

Even with Jason Collins’ announcement of his sexuality, we are still ways away from knee-jerk gay slurs.

What do these guys mean to say when they use gay slurs. Do they mean to impinge on the manhood of the guys they are playing? Are they simply words that are so ingrained in their heads that they fly out, without meaning?

Yes, but when one watches Hibbert deliver the phrase while laughing, you are given cause to wonder what the inside joke was that was obviously going through his head. Wikipedia can help:  The phrase is clearly both prevalent in hip hop but it is now being parodying.


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