Conference Papers

“The First Colossal WWII Memorial In the Nation’s Capital,” National Popular Culture Conference, San Francisco March, 2008.

“The War Department’s Stadium and Washington’s First Olympic Dream,” National Popular Culture Conference, Boston April, 2007.

“Doctor Strange Love: Or How I Learned to Ask Questions that Archives Could Answer,” Society of American Archivists National Conference, Los Angeles, CA, August 2003.

Hollywood and the Fantasy of Gender and Sexual Nonconformity, 1917-1941,” Organization of American Historians Conference, Memphis, TN, April 2003.

Guest Lecturer, “‘Just Us Bachelor’s eh,’: Hollywood’s Players and the Companionate Marriage,” Women’s Studies Department, Smith College, March 2003.

“When Your Urge is Mauve: Hollywood Celebrity and Gender and Sexual Non-Conformity,” National Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference, Toronto Canada, March 2002.

Guest Lecturer, “The Desiring Subject: Queer Cinema and Its Challenge to the Hetero/Homo Binary,” Film and TV Department and History Department, Gallaudet University, March 2001.

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