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Gervais at the Golden Globes

I don’t watch The Office. Nor am I a big fan of awards shows but I thought Ricky Gervais was very funny at the Golden Globes.

Clearly, he has an irreverent attitude toward Hollywood. He is not fawning and he is not particularly respectful. The Washington Post’s Hank Steuver complained that Gervais told lame jokes. His Scientology joke about the sexual orientation of two actors was spot on as the Brits would say, particularly since people I know have first hand experience with one of those actors. I and others are over these actors hiding their behaviors!!!

Another informal reviewer like myself agrees.

The article says Robert Downey Jr. summed up the attitude so well. Give me a break. Downey’s introduction of the five nominees in the category of best actress by saying that they would have given better performances if they slept with him was Creepy. Oh, the women laughed–except for the much younger Emma Stone, who probably felt the same creepiness that this smarmy man indulged in the old-time male heterosexual pig behavior of viewing her as his sexual play toy that I did.

The Post reviewer agrees Downey’s view of Hollywood. Please let us go on and on about our indulgences. If you dare make biting remarks about us or call us on our indulgences then we’ll snarl at you.

Bruce Willis effectively responded to a funny Gervais. Gervais referred to the actor as Ashton Kutcher’s Dad. Humorous given the Demi Moore tie in. Willis said,”Sometimes Hollywood does provide you with outrageous fortune.”

My respect for Willis shot up immensely. He acknowledged the humor and showed that he knows the world in which he works. In addition, he slyly commented on another part of that world, having to attend award ceremonies and accept jokes about one self!

The Post also included a Hank Steuver review of a teenage television show that is airing on MTV. Whether I agree with the review or not, I think having two articles by the same person in the same section of the newspaper is both too much and lazy on the part of the newspaper and its editorial staff.  This Washington metropolitan area must have many other individuals qualified to write about entertainment that could have written one of these articles, no? Particularly since the review is a teen show and the reviewer admits that his teen years came in the era of the late John Hughes.