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Fostering Dogs

We’re starting the new year with a new house member. Lori, a two-year old Shepard mix, came into the family last night from City Dog Rescue.


She was highly excited as she explored the first floor of our house. She had no problem climbing the stairs to join us on the second floor, but apprehensive gripped her when she could not figure out how to climb downstairs. I walked her gently down holding onto her collar. Lori immediately climbed back upstairs, then second later, she walked down the stairs herself!

We’ve noticed that she is not one for getting up on the furniture, eschewing the bed and chairs. We’ve put down a rug for her to lie on and that has pleased her.


So far her personality is significantly different from the last foster that we had in December. He wanted to smell everything and she has hardly sniffed a thing. He thought the furniture was his throne. He was a big tug-of-war player and she has hardly put her teeth on the toy. It’s early yet but will be interesting to note what Lori does enjoy doing.


Actors Carry Beginners

Last night, Washington D.C.’s Reel Affirmations group held a screening of the new Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer movie Beginners. A great turnout filled the entire theater and everyone walked away pleased.

McGregor and Plummer played to their strengths giving emotion and depth to their parts.

Most striking was French actress Melanie Laurent. She is both breathtaking and moving as a woman who has similar relationships troubles to McGregor’s cahracter.

The movie is based on the life of its director. I respect the ability to make a somewhat compelling movie of a personal story, and thought it had an intriguing theme of how people attempt to cover their feelings, and personal situations.

There were things about the movie that did not work for me.

The script had too many montages of images from a particular year or decade, that combined with McGregor’s narration, created didactic moments.

We can understand each of the characters sadness, but combined with the relatively good life they are leading, their moping around made you wonder what these people would be like if they didn’t have cars, a nice home, friends who cared about them, good jobs, food to eat.

The comedy came from one of my favorite sources, the pet.

Why does the dog think and why does he whine whenever McGregor’s character leaves?