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Politics and Boxing Not NCAAs

Went to see the play Sucker Punch at the Studio Theater last night instead of watching round one of the NCAAs.

The sports on display is the story of boxing and how it gives underprivileged people the change at making it big. The setting is the politics of Margaret Thatcher in 1980s England. This is the turbulent race riots in cities as the kids of first generation immigrants from over the globe realize they don’t have many opportunities in England. (Not the politics on display in Meryl Streep’s Iron Lady movie).

The audience definitely roots for Leon, one of the lead characters as he begins to box his way out of his circumstances. He seems to be one of two characters capable of empathy. Most of the others believe in offering ultimatums as they struggle controlling lives that have not gone or aren’t going the way they would like. Despite disappointment with the ending, the audience gave the performer Sheldon Best a standing ovation, which he graciously accepted.

The boxing scenes were quite believable, except in the last instance where I wonder if the two guys would be in the same weight class.

Most of the performances were outstanding.


Must See Movie

Erroll Morris has done it again. Even if you are not a fan of The Thin Blue Line or Fog of War, you will be amazed at Tabloid.

The movie’s pacing is amazing. You are gripped from the very beginning and willingly follow along a zany path.

Sometimes, you think, “What can possibly come next?” then something improbable and crazy happens and you shake your head. Only in the 1970s could this craziness happen!

The movie comments on the British tabloid press which is ironic since Murdoch’s papers are in so much trouble in Britain for their wire tapping, and other illegal activities.

My Mormon friends have never heard of this scandal and they need to see it.