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Sex Romp with Terrorism

The next installment in my reviews for the DC Gay Lesbian Film Festival is Clandestinos, a Spanish movie from 2007.

Three juveniles escape prison in a mean spirited way that one can even see them as effective anti-heros. Our main character is driven to renew his efforts at terrorism in Madrid for Basque separatism.  While his two friends find young women for a little sex lark., the lead terrorist sells himself as a rent boy at a Madrid shopping mall.  (And I went to all the tourist sites on my visit two years ago).

A daddy set our lead on the path for the Basques and the daddy who rents him will see this error and try and rectify the situation. A blown up flag pole and a shoot out later, our three amigos are back in detention. No frets though as the two women cheer their two boyfriends’ efforts at fut ball (soccer) and our main man well–absurdity is the only possible description.

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