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Terry Bradshaw: New Books Network Podcast

I discussed my book Terry Bradshaw: From Super Bowl Champion to Television Personality with Bob D’Angleo, a sports reporter, on the New Book Network a few days ago. The discussion ranged from his playing days with the Pittsburgh Steelers to acting in Burt Reynolds movies, to his efforts today as a studio analyst with Fox and also in the television shows, Better Late Than Never and his latest movie, Father Figures.

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Is So You Think You Can Dance Declining?

Some friends are not watching the series this season. I have started to lose my interest in the show. The number of comments on blogs are down.

Is it like American Idol, where I’m seeing a noticeable decline in talent? I would say not. This year’s dancers, particularly Lauren, Robert, Adecheke are all powerful and elegant dancers.

No, SYTYCD is suffering from another of the factors that hurt American Idol: the changes in judges.

Fans have complained about the judging from the start of this season. The comments for the Final Four show are no different.  On the discussion, What’s with the judges the comments range from offering contradictory advice to a dancer to Mia being racist. Other people that I work with raised the latter as a consideration a few weeks ago when Mia found herself needing to offer a lame apology.

Mia is a bad judge to have on the show on a weekly basis. She is better to take in small doses. She has a favorites and dancers that she does not like and she can not stop herself from basing her opinions on how she feels about the dancer.

Mary Murphy was sometimes annoying with her yell but she was also much more good hearted than Mia could ever be. Mary was also better for the ratings.

I understand the producers thinking that the show needed to change in order to stay fresh. I think that they accomplished this with using all-stars as dancing partners. I hope that they reconsider bringing back a rotating judge for the panel in order to keep the juding perspectives fresh.

Glee ful Moments

A big hand for the last episode of Glee for the calendar year.

Laughed so hard almost fell off my chair when they showed the judges for the sectionals.  for my fellow government workers, the descriptor State paid cynic was a classic. Here’s some of her great lines: 

Can I just say something? I have no idea what the hell I’m doing here. I’m serious. I don’t understand what a glee club is, and I had never even heard the term ‘show choir’ ’til about three hours ago when my boss told me he had tickets to Nascar and I had to fill in at this full event.

 “I seriously don’t know what either one of you are talking about. I have never been so bored. I mean, if I had to pick a group that I hated the least…” 

Bring that character back!