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Going Green

What an interesting St. Patrick’s Day. Didn’t see anybody stumbling out of the local bars to puke on the sidewalks.

Going green for me meant seeing a movie at the Environmental Film Festival. Washington, DC has one of the largest environmental festivals in the world, showing movies for twelve days in locations around the city.

Embassies usually show movies that are made in their home country so this one was at the Netherlands modernist building in a ritzy part of DC.


A group of Greenpeace pioneers look back on their lives as environmental activists. Once they belonged to the crew of the famous ship Rainbow Warrior and took part in a series of successful actions until a bomb attack put an end to it…

The movie had a lot of remarkable history about the attempts to stop whalers in the North Atlantic Ocean, to stop the transport of nuclear waste, and to stop the testing of nuclear bombs in the Pacific Ocean.

Most amazing was what these people did to save the natives living on the Pacific Island of Rongelap.