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Sundance, Park City Part II

Advice from long-time Festival goers:

Don’t get in the lottery for a pass: you can’t control what type of pass you get so you can’t be sure what movies you will see

You don’t need to buy individual tickets for movies: Do the Waitlist: which means get to a theater venue where they will be showing the movie you want to see 2 hours early and pick up a pass with a number. One half hour before the movie, get in a line according to the number on your pass. It is rare that you won’t get the chance to buy a ticket and see the movie.

Top movies: Gun Hill Road: a group of Latinas cried they were so moved. On The Ice: seeing Barrow, Alaska, at the closest point to the Arctic Circle. The Flaw, a systemic look at the economic meltdown. Shut Up Little Man, a comedy with heart. Catechism Cataclysm, one friend said they nearly pissed in their pants they laughed so hard. Rebirth, a touching look at 9/11. Another Earth, raves about honesty. Black Power Mix Tapes, a unique view of this era.

Poorer Showings: Lord Byron,  put a person to sleep; I Melt With You, the 15 people I talked with said hated when referring to this movie.

Park City Museum was a great pleasure. History of mining is there with a great slice of the mountain in front of you in the first room. In the second room you stand on a lift and step into a tram (subway car) that they used to transport the first sets of skiers to the top of the mountain in the mid-1960s.

The building is part old City Hall, part police and fire station as well as the old library. Remnants of these buildings are visible today. Most exciting is stepping into the old jail. You can walk into an old cell; you can look at a video book and hear the stories of five criminals that used to be housed in the space.

Discovering the history of the ski industry of Park City was fabulous. First, a mining company tried the endeavour and failed because they did not know how to appeal to the customer base. Others from Aspen took over but the industry solidified in the 1990s but still places like The Canyons went bankrupt two years ago.