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Book’s Travels

Many of you already know that my latest book Terry Bradshaw: From Super Bowl Champion to Television Personality came out this fall. I hired a publicist who made all the selections about the people and organizations that received review copies. When I saw the list I wasn’t sure about some of the locations and figured that most of them were his friends and connections in the newspaper and web football worlds.

I did get a kick that both MSNBC and Fox News Channel received the book. It even got into the hands of producers. However, since neither responded I suppose I can conclude that the book is something that the left and the right can agree upon.

My favorite response came from a writer for Jet Nation (covers the New York Jets football team). Phil said,  “The book was excellent. I can’t write a blog post about it because it isn’t Jets related. Super Bowls are kind of a sore subject for Jets fans.”


Romney’s Tax Returns

MSNBC, Current Television all talk endlessly about Mitt Romney and his releasing only 1 full year and 1 year of projected taxes. The major claim is that every other Presidential candidate has released their returns since 1968 so Romney should also. Seems reasonable. These liberal bent stations tell us that not releasing the information is hurting Romney.

Does the American public care? Apparently, the public is evenly divided with 51% saying it is not something that they need to see. When you divide up the public, liberals are most interested and conservatives are the least concerned. Interestingly, people with lower salaries and younger votes both support the release of the Romney taxes.


Columnist Colby King raised this point today in his editorial. It’s not enough for Romney to say he’s paid all taxes that are “legally required.” A person who wants to be president should also be able to say, and to demonstrate, that no ethical lines have been crossed.

The best part of his piece is the succinct explaination for what could be hidden in his tax returns.

Was Romney’s income that was placed in a Swiss bank account reported on his earlier tax returns?

How did Romney’s IRA grow so large (to $100 million) when he could only put in $30,000 over any single year?

Did Romney report and pay gift tax on the funding of these trusts,” or might he have claimed “unreasonable valuations” that “would have exposed him to serious penalties if all the facts were known?”

All of these things raise questions about ethics and legal actions. All US citizens should be following the law when filing taxes; no special deals for the rich. This is especially true for a man who is running to be the person in charge of upholding all US and most international laws as the US President.

Gays Slug It Out

Tonight’s Ed Show on MSNBC featured blogger Mike Rogers from Raw Story and Christopher Barron of GoProud discussing the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Both applauded the action and vote. Rogers claiming that gays and lesbians had the right to be concerned over the White House strategy because the House with Republican leadership will not pass a repeal of the act.

Rogers challenged Barron on the Republicans votes and actions against the repeal of the bill. Rogers asked Barron where the conservatives were on the vote.

Rogers hammered Barron with facts about the average of 700 gays and lesbians discharged under the policy during the Bush years.

Barron said Chaney supported the repeal; Rogers said, yes when safely out of political office.

Barron called John McCain’s high-octane rhetoric against the repeal, McCain’s Terry Schiavo moment and was ashamed. He said this was so different than McCain in private.

Rogers jumped on his statement with, yes they’ll tell you thinkgs in private but behave differently in public.

Senator Jon Kyl went on Sunday talk shows and said repeal of the act could cost soldiers lives.

Is he wishing for that?