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Get Some Velocity

Tonight and tomorrow experience  velocity at the Harman Hall, Shakespeare Theater in Washington, DC.

DC has over 450 dance companies, ranging from regular touring pros, to mom and pop and single person outfits. The community created a festival for dance last year. This year’s version includes works from the city’s wide range of dancers.

The Washington Ballet does there signature peice choreopgraphed by Trey McIntyre to Beck’s music. The CityDance Ensemble does one classic piece by Paul Taylor and a more modern piece with challenging movement.

The female company ClancyWorks Dance Company impressed me with their physicality on Thursday night. The four women did a lot of pairing and partnering but included several lifts and athleticism. Urban Artistry brought funk to the stage and the aisles before and after the show.

The African American company Edgeworks brought a moody piece while Furia Flamenca stompped to classic folk stylings.

For $20 bucks you can’t go wrong.


Capital Culture: Dancing in DC

Kennedy Center had an intriguing dance program last night. Keigwins & Company. The show featured four dances to each of the world’s elements: Water, Fire, Earth & Air.

The Company is a viewer friendly group. The opening number featured six dancers in towels moving to Mozart. Slapstick actions and movements reminded this viewer of silent movies. The fourth water piece teased audiences with white body suits.

Fire featured three dances, one in orange, another in red and a third in yellow. The costumes included frills on the arms and hats creating a sense of flames and movement. The male dancers hip hop moves thrilled the audience.

The jokey movements returned with Debussy, the song “Stormy Weather” and Devo, in the earth elements. A friend described the pieces as musical theater comedy.

The Air pieces included performers dressed in airline costuming. The moves in the first piece to “Up, Up and Away,” included the safety demonstrations done by stewards on every flight.

Making accessible dance is a great idea as is dancing to recent music. I wish the performances included more daring and interesting steps/choreography.

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Balloon Boy & Stage Moms

We all witnessed what happens on a slow news day. The media followed the silver balloon then it fell like lead.

Why is anyone surprised the people will do anything for publicity? It is not that knew. Stage Mothers pushed their girls and boys onto vaudeville and Broadway (Have you seen Gypsy!)

Who hasn’t seen movies about Judy Garland or any of the other numerous child stars in Hollywood during the Golden Age.

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Hip Hop Theater

Madonna Concert - Dancing to Vogue
Image by Anirudh Koul via Flickr

Another successful week of Hip Hop in DC. The Festival drew people to movies about Ghana; Youth panels,  and stage production.

The Festival gets Washingtonians away from the monied Northwest section and spreads them out across the other parts of the city. They drive past things they don’t see and get to hang with people they would not know.

The Dance Place extravaganza Saturday night was excellent. Don’t Hit Mama: Nita Liem – Artistic Director, Bart Deuss Co-Artistic Director/Dramaturg, with Clearence Koorndijk and Honey Eavis, Holly Bass, Brandon Barnette, Meghan Bowden, Olivia Crosby (Culture Shock),
Simone Jacobson, Shae Lim
and many more!
Curated by Holly Bass. Music by DJ RBI.
Support for Nita Liem was made possible by
Consulate General of The Netherlands in New York & The Royal Netherlands Embassy

The audience performed and watched. No one sat. Everybody danced. Four guys moved synchronized across a platform in the back.  Scenes flashed along the white wall in the front of the room.

The fifteen performers danced with anybody who wanted to move. They formed dance circles featuring star turns. They formed lines and invited anybody to get their grove on down the line. Michael Jackson got his due with spins of his top songs as the closing numbers.

We were the only gay couple. Wish there had been at least one other one there. We could only guess that there was one gay or lesbian performer and really only one guy did a great dance to Madonna‘s Vogue.

I wish I’d had someone with insider knowledge with us to provide me with some of the knowledge about actions that I do not have. That would have made the evening even better.

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