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Yankees’ Loyalty

Yankee fans, baseball fans, sports fans don’t you get tired of seeing players jump from team to team.

Don’t you root for teams because of who is on them?

Don’t you want to have the same guys and women on the team for a period of time.

Isn’t it sad when a beloved player leaves your team.

Fox sports writes about the stupidity of replacing Johnny Damon with Randy Winn.

Others argue about agents like Scott Boras or teams’ crying about being in the financial poorhouse.

I agree with all these sentiments. What hurts the most is the revolving door. Winn might be a great guy and a decent player, but we now have to start a new relationship with this guy who we don’t really know. Worse, we lose our relationship with a guy we really liked.

What we like about celebrity, and sports stars are celebrities, is the kinship we develop with the person.

For Yankee fans it was bad enough we watched Phil Coke and Melky Cabrera be traded away.

Reblog this post [with Zemanta] We also witnessed the World Series MVP leave town too.