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Navy Again Bests Army

The Naval Academy won the big game of the year defeating the Army yesterday afternoon.

Navy won a down to the wire game 27-21 at Fed Ex Field, in suburban Maryland.

Different takes include this complaint by fans of New England Patriots who play the Washington Redskins at Fed Ex Field today. The White House offers this one as President Obama attended the game.

Washington, D.C. is the biggest winner. The city has tried for over 1oo years to get the Army-Navy game played in its area and failed. Back in the early 1900s they offered to build a stadium in Potomac Park.

The one hundred years of effort is in the book, Capital Sporting Grounds.

Potomac Park Army Navy Stadium


Pro Sports Live

Who goes to see professional baseball, football, basketball and hockey? Remember when LeBron James joined Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh and there were hundreds of empty seats? How many teams can afford the big salaries of these stars if they do not but fans in the seats?

The National Football League (NFL) owners are sending out season ticket purchase orders only one month after the season ended. As one columnist said, who gives their money away to buy something half a year before they are going to use it? Expedia and other websites are trying to teach consumers to wait until the last minute before they purchase hotel or airline tickets.

These days there are similar websites, like StubHub, for tickets to pro sports. Fans know this so they know that the value of having to have a season ticket has dropped a lot. You can get in to most games. Particularly here in Washington, DC for the Redskins have a 91,000-seat stadium and the Wizards have sold 80 percent of their home games seats, good enough for the last one-third of the league.

There may not even be an NFL season this year with the collective bargaining agreement needing to be renegotiated. Imagine if you bought tickets only to see replacement players like in 1987. Will fans even watch that on their televisions, particularly with all the HD, wide-screen plasma televisions?



Another Stadium in Washington DC

  • RT: @marybindc: @mikedebonis Evans apparently forgot that there’s already a team playing at RFK. 9:55 AM Jan 8th from Echofon
  • To be clear, he’s talking about Dan Snyder paying for it. Most of it. 9:46 AM Jan 8th from Echofon
  • Evans now stumping for “110,000 seat stadium with retractable roof” to be built at RFK for Skins 9:46 AM Jan 8th from Echofon
  • Can they be serious? How can the city afford to contribute significantly to a stadium in this economic climate? Where would the stadium fit in Anacostia Park. Who is going to wait to go through the necessary Environmental Impact Statements and the probable cleanup needed for the area?

    Soccer in Washington, DC

    Where will the Major League Soccer United play?

    The inability of the United ownership and area developers to create a complex with a stadium on Popular Point drove the United to look for a stadium in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  While some are displeased with the move it appears that the team and most of its fans are ready to go.

    The team retains the D.C. name and maybe they’ll end up like their football relative Redskins and keep the Washington identification despite playing in a suburb in the region.

    My question if they keep the name what does the city lose? What does the team lose? When will Robert Francis Kennedy stadium be blown up?